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Fresh Sprouts sproutbook

Fresh Sprouts book print (english)

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Fresh Sprouts book - A Guide to Sprouting • 100 pages in print is written in English • The author is Miriam Sommer - the woman behind Fresh Sprouts • This book teaches you all about sprouts and how to cultivate all types of sprouts • After reading this book, you will easily achieve success with your sprouts year round.



In Fresh Sprouts book 'Fresh Sprouts- A Guide to Sprouting' in English you will find • All about your sprouts from selecting the best seeds and till the sprouts are ready to be used in your food • Description of the 5 groups of sprouts, their unique characteristics and requirements for cultivation • Explanation of the basic needs of any sprout during cultivation • The best tips and techniques for sprouting with success • Review of the 6 types of sprout devices • Easy ways to keep good hygiene in the devices • Methods to make the sprouts develop high content of vitamin-rich chlorophyll • Tips on how to keep your sprouts fresh in the refrigerator • Recipes for sprouts in dip, juice, smoothies, salads, sandwiches, oven, pot and wok • Overview of 40 suitable sprouting seeds, beans, lentils, peas and grains In other words, this book is for both for new and for curious, practiced sprout growers. Fresh Sprouts - A Guide to Sprouting is 100 pages (The extra pages in this English version contain recipes, that are also found on www.FreshSprouts.dk/recipes)


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  1. Cool book Bedømt af Jack the Sprout Enthusiast

    I met Miriam at a lecture she gave and she sold me the english version of her sprout book. It was everything she promised so I warmly recommend you buy it too.
    (Indsendt den 28/08/14)


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